About Us

Saturday Biryani Party with construction workers is a weekly initiative to share Biryani meals with workers at their construction sites. Started in May 2015, we have shared around 7,000 complete biryani meals to date. It is a very humble attempt to create community awareness about the conditions of these workers. In the process, we aim to teach our children certain basic social values and their role in building a more equitable society. We started this back as a family activity. Credit goes to my wife who started collecting funds from few friends. From 10 people in and around my compound in Saar - Bahrain, the number has reached almost 200 hundred supporters, who deliver Biryani to workers while they are at their work site. Thanks to my friends who are contributing in it financially and physically. We order food on Thursday. You can be a part of this process in any capacity you like - you can also bring your kids along and let them distribute food with their own hands - and in the process let them realise the value of little things which we take for granted. Contact me on 39874541. Regards. Abbas